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We received a signed copy from Victoria. We have it on our coffee table. I have yet to see someone pick it up and not go through every photo. Represents our region very well. We can’t wait to get our hard bound copy.

Shane R

Very good book. I would recommend for anyone to purchase it. Beautiful professional pictures and detail of event and individuals in the pictures.

Sandra B

Never before has there been a photographic documentary of the Indian Cowboy and their relationship with their indigenous ranching country. The shared heritage and traditional legacy with the American Cowboy in a self sustaining ranching community. Brilliant showcase of what it means to live in harmony. Thank you, Victoria Jackson

Glenmore B

I’m picky on my coffee table books, on what my house guest might pick up and look at. Victoria, I bought your book and loved it soooo much that I added to the only only two books I’ve had on my coffee tables for years!! You truly capture the essence of the western, Buckaroo and Indian life!! I LOVE IT!! I recommend for ALL!!

John F