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Cowboys, Indians and Indian Cowboys: I’m picky on my coffee table books, on what my house guest might pick up and look at. Victoria, I bought your book and loved it soooo much that I added to the only only two books I’ve had on my coffee tables for years!! You truly capture the essence of the western, Buckaroo and Indian life!! I LOVE IT!! I recommend for ALL!!

John F

Beyond the Desert: I love that you did these interviews. Our rich history needs to be kept alive in stories. People who don't live these lifestyle don't understand. Those of us that do live the lifestyle love a good story we can relate to. Great job Victoria Jackson (applause).

Shannon W

Beyond the Desert: With her writing and images, Victoria Jackson has created a collection that is destined to become a truly important reference source for teachers, historians, ethnographers, and anyone that loves the Western lifestyle. The people she profiles are examples of the genuine, hearty people that wrest a living from the beautiful High Desert Country, most of them with roots firmly entrenched, some for decades, some for literally hundreds of years. Put one on your coffee table, and after your guests have looked through it and maybe read one of the stories, I guarantee they will have to have one!

Tom B

Beyond the Desert: This book is a real gem. Great interviews and pictures.

Jan B

Beyond the Desert: Chris LeDoux famously sang, "You just can't see 'em from the road." And that phrase is so very true. Buy this book! Through Victoria's eyes, you will catch a glimpse into a world that few people get to experience. Jackson is a gifted photographer, and this book pays homage to her world and culture.

Holly W

Cowboys, Indians and Indian Cowboys: Never before has there been a photographic documentary of the Indian Cowboy and their relationship with their indigenous ranching country. The shared heritage and traditional legacy with the American Cowboy in a self sustaining ranching community. Brilliant showcase of what it means to live in harmony. Thank you, Victoria Jackson

Glenmore B

Beyond the Desert: This is a marvelous book. Not a story book about some kind of Western fairytale life, but a real life book about real life people - Cowboys and ranchers - livin' the dream of working hard, managing rangeland, and bringing quality beef to market in an evolving, and increasingly difficult world of global markets and modernization. The photography is brilliant, and gives real insight to the stories being told. Thank you Victoria Jackson.

Margo S

Beyond the Desert introduces the world to the men and women who run the ranches from Oregon, to Idaho to Nevada. Their stories bring to light their experiences of the good and the bad of everyday ranch life and their concerns abour the future of their lifelong passion. Their share their hard-won wisdom and knowledge and can take comfort that it can't be lost forever. Victoria's ability to set the scene of the interviews and put them on paper pulls the reader in, so it feels like you're listening to the story in real time. Newcomers will get a truer sense of real ranching life, and the old guard will feel comraderie and hopefully share their own stories down the line.

Hilary F